Important: School Calendar Change
Please note the two changes to the MCS school calendar:  Margaretville Central School will hold a professional development conference day on Friday, April 14, 2017 (Good Friday) for all faculty and staff members. Therefore, the previously scheduled vacation day for Friday, April 14th has been eliminated. As a conference day has been scheduled, students will NOT attend school on Friday, April 14th. However, please note, that students will attend a full day of school on Friday, May 12, 2017 as the previously scheduled professional development conference day in May has been eliminated. On Friday, May 12th students will attend a full day of instruction. These two changes were made to the school calendar due to the fact that we have exceeded the number of emergency days allocated in the original school calendar. To date, seven emergency days have been used due to inclement weather and only six days were accounted for in the original schedule. In the event that we should have to close school due to inclement weather or due to another type of emergency between now and April 14th, we will need to change the calendar again. Thank you for your understanding. Please read Dr. Chakar's letter addressing the most recent school calendar change.
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