After School Homework Help
Dear Families,
There are two afterschool opportunities for your child to enrich their lives and educational experiences at Margaretville Central School.
The MCS CROP is an after school program for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. It is designed to be an enrichment program that offers academic support. The children are divided into three different age groups and participate in activities designed for (and with) them. It is our goal to offer the children a variety of experiences including physical activity, crafts, hands-on learning opportunities, reading support, artistic programming, recreational activities, and character building challenges as well as homework support. There is an emphasis on community service and service learning projects as well as movie and popcorn on Friday! CROP has a staff of four activity leaders, 4 peer tutors, a site coordinator and a variety of community partners that present programming.
The Using Time Wisely After School Program is designed to be an academic support program for children in grades six through twelve. This program offers direct tutoring, organized study groups, academic gaming, and an opportunity to achieve substantial academic growth. The focus of this program is academic achievement. This program is staffed by two teachers. Students in Grades 9-12 can sign up for this program in the Main Office on a daily basis, making the decision to seek help as needed. Students in Grades 6 to 8 must complete a CROP application form which requires parental input and a commitment to attend on specific days of the week. These students will be sent to the UTWASP group if parents and teachers recommend an intense level of academic assistance.
All students who attend afterschool programming may use the “CROP Bus” transportation. The bus leaves the school at 5pm and makes a stop in Arkville in front of the post office and another stop in Fleischmanns at the public parking lot next to La Cabana. Students in grades K-8 must be met by parents or have written permission to walk from the bus stop.
CROP applications are available in the Main Office and in Middle School Reading and Math classes. If you need more information, please contact Dorothy Rose by email ( or at home (607 326-4106).
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