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Cafeteria Information 2022 - 2023

Welcome back to a new and exciting year at Margaretville Central School.  We can’t wait to start serving up some of last year’s favorites and some new menu items that are sure to please. Look for these new items on the menu and please encourage your children to try something new.  
The MCS Cafeteria meets Federal Nutritional Standards for school meals, ensuring that meals are healthy, well balanced, and provide students with all the nutrition they need to succeed at school.School meals offer low fat milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains. 

We are pleased to announce that Margaretville Central has been accepted into the program called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). This program allows ALL children to eat breakfast and lunch at no charge. CEP is provided by the USDA to schools that apply and qualify based on criteria similar to those used for free/reduced meals in the past. This is an exceptional opportunity for all of our students to get the nutrition they need to meet their academic potential. Please note that success of this program depends on participation. So please forgo the brown bags, get to school in time for breakfast, and let us prepare delicious, well-balanced meals for your children.
You do not need to submit an application to participate in the CEP.  However, it is extremely important that you fill out the CEP Household Income Form.  This form may qualify your child(ren) for other school related programs and affects the amount of government aid the school receives.  Neglecting to submit this form may have serious negative financial repercussions, so please submit it as soon as possible.  *All information acquired is confidential and used strictly for the administration of school related programs.

In an effort to discourage snacking, as childhood obesity has become a rising public concern, the cafeteria does not allow students to use their meal accounts to buy snacks.  If you wish to allow your child to purchase snack, please send in additional snack money.

Smarter Lunchroom movement: We would like to encourage the support of parents in our efforts to serve healthier meals. You can be a part of our efforts by joining your child at lunch, by talking about healthier options, or by introducing healthy changes at home. You are your child's primary role model for eating and exercising. When you choose healthy foods and activities over a sedentary lifestyle, they too, will be more likely to choose them as well. To get all the facts about school meals visit If you have any questions or would like more information, call the Cafeteria Manager, Connie Mathiesen at at 845-586-2647, ext. 126 or email.

The Nutrition Standards Require:

- Age appropriate calorie limits for PreK - 5th grades, 6th - 8th grades and 9th - 12th grades
- Larger servings of fresh vegetables and fruit served. Dark green vegetables are offered every day, red/orange vegetable are offered a few days a week, beans are offered once a week, and fresh fruit is offered more often as opposed to canned.
- Fat Free or 1% milk.  
More whole grains (at least 50% of grains served are whole grain). For breakfast students are offered whole grain cereals, muffins, and bagels. 
- Healthier versions of student's favorite menu items are offered such as whole grain waffles, pancakes, French toast sticks, and pizza. Sandwiches are prepared on whole grain bread. 
- Less sodium (reduced sodium cheese, ham and canned vegetables served. More frozen as opposed to canned vegetables and they are salt free.)

Choose My Plate

Embedded Image for: Choose My Plate (201561192825425_image.jpg) Choose My Plate is a great website for finding out information on how to maintain a healthy eating style.

There are many different ways mentioned on the website that allow you to become the determined, healthy person you want to be. Some of these include ways to be healthy on a low budget, learning how to track your food intake, physical activity and it's importance and simply learning about the foods you should consume every day! Click the picture to the right in order to visit the Choose My Plate website.

Lunch Hours

Breakfast is available for all students from 7:55 am (Building Opens) until 9:30 am

- All Elementary students should report directly to their classrooms for breakfast. All Elementary students in UPK-5th Grade receive breakfast in their classrooms daily.
- All MS/HS students should report to the cafeteria to get breakfast from 7:55 am - 8:05 am.
- All students are to report to first period class promptly by 8:10 am.

Lunch is Available:
Grades PreK-5th 10:25 - 11:30 am
Grades 6 -8 Period 5: LUNCH 11:10-11:52 am
Grades 9 - 12 Period 6: LUNCH 11:55-12:37 pm

Please Note:
- On days when school is delayed, breakfast will not be served.
- All food is to be consumed in the cafeteria or at a specifically designated area directly supervised by a MCS faculty or staff member. Food is not permitted in auditorium or gymnasium.

Fuel to Play

Embedded Image for: Fuel to Play (20156119296519_image.jpg) is a program that brings kids and parents together in an effort to eat healthy, get active and make a difference. This program provides the people in the community to come together as a whole to work towards certain goals they plan to achieve. Click the picture to the right in order to visit the Fuel to Play website.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Students that have allergies or dietary restrictions will be accommodated. The school nurse updates the list of students with allergies or dietary restrictions at the beginning of the school year or as needed.
All restrictions are available on the cafeteria system for the cashier to see. This helps to prevent students from accidently getting foods that are not allowed on their trays.
Peanut allergies are the most common. It is important that the nurse, the cafeteria, and the teachers are aware of the student's allergies.
Students that are lactose intolerant may be offered juice as an alternate beverage, only with a doctor's note. The student must choose an additional fruit or vegetable of choice on their meal tray.
It is recommended that you send water in with your child to be sure he/she drinks enough fluids during the school day.
If there are any questions or concerns regarding your child's needs, please contact me at 845-586-2647, ext. 126
-Connie Mathiesen

Wellness Committee

Margaretville Central School is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children's health, well being and the ability to learn by fostering healthy eating and physical activity.
The Wellness Committee includes, but is not limited to, representatives from each of the following groups:
Parents, students, physical education teachers, health professionals, food service professionals, school board members, school administrators and members of the public.
The district Wellness Committee is responsible for assessing current activities, programs and policies available in the district. In doing so, the Wellness Committee will evaluate and make recommendations which reflect specific needs of the district and it's students.
Current members are as follows:  Dr. Robert Chakar, Joy Holden, Jeremey Marks, Doris Warner, Laura Norris and Connie Matheisen. 

Wellness Committee Minutes

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