Board of Education Committees

Committee News

Committee News Note: All meetings are in the Superintendent's office unless noted otherwise.

Goals & Vision Oversight Forum
Meeting Dates: TBA
Discussion: Building Security and Safety
Members: Terry Johnson, President & Kate VanBenschoten, Vice-President

Academic Review
Meeting Dates: TBA
Discussion: Bell Schedule
Members: Aggie Laub & Doris Warner

Facilities Forum
Meeting Date: TBA
Discussion: new architect, building plan, security & recycling electronics
Members: Terry Johnson

Policy Forum
Meeting Dates: 1st Monday of every month - 9 A.M.
Discussion: Discuss and review the revised policies and make recommendations
Members: Kate VanBenschote

Finance Forum
Meeting Date: TBA
Members: Terry Johnson

Communications & Celebrations Forum
Meeting Date: TBA
Members: Communications & Celebrations- Doris Warner & Aggie Laub
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