MCS Elementary Chorus members enjoy the last few minutes of rehearsal
What started as an incentive to help with transition time has become a tradition worth planning on in all three Chorus ensembles.

"Fun five" was originally created to help our youngest singers transition through their end-of-day tasks; if we're all ready to sing early enough, we should have extra time at the end to celebrate with something extra fun.  Students choose between three games or activities at the end of rehearsal, and I find myself looking forward to these five minutes as much as them.   

The Modified/Middle School Chorus started doing the Fun Five during their rehearsals as well, and pretty soon the word was out; now our Varsity Chorus is having fun with improv games, a silly Fruit Canon, and movement activities at the end of their rehearsals, too. It's like watching them remember how to keep one of the best parts of being a little kid as they grew up.

Recently, we decided to prioritize carving out 5 minutes of fun for the sake of fun itself; it's not earned, it's just fun for the sake of joy with a group of friends that are willing to be a little silly for a while. It's time well-spent in a skill area that demands we work harmoniously with our peers (literally and figuratively).

We'll find another way to help kids stay motivated to get there ready and on time, and in the meantime, hold my guitar while I go sing about a Mango.