Every week, I get the pleasure to interview students at MCS. This week, I decided to switch it up a bit and interview an Elementary Student. I reached out to Harper Aubry. He is a seasoned 5th Grader that can describe what's it like to be in MCS Elementary. We sat down together and I asked him a few questions. 

Question: How is the school year going?

Answer: Harper: "Good."

Question: What do you like about our school?

Answer: "I like Physical Education because it is fun. I enjoy recess. Basketball is my favorite sport. I am getting a lot better at it."

Question: "What do you least like about school? 

Answer: "Science is a struggle. This unit is tough. I also hate to get in trouble."

Question: What are some fun talents you have?

Answer: "I can make weird random noises and I know how to split my fingers like Spock on Star Trek. "

Question: What are you looking forward to in the future? 

Answer: "I am looking forward to Middle School. I am excited to be in more than one class. I also look forward to working out in the weight room. Mr. O has been hyping up the weight room  since 3rd grade."

Question: What is your favorite part of school?

Answer: "My favorite part of school is when I get to spread out and go around the room with partners." 

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Answer: "I want to be a NBA star. I want to compete against the major basketball players and be competitive. I am super passionate about it."

Question: What's your back up plan if the NBA does not work out.

Answer: "I would like to finish my education in college, so I can get a job."

Last Question: Who at MCS has impacted you the most? 

Answer: Mrs. Ghersi and Mrs. Asher. They helped me with my getting upset. When I get upset they taught me how to deal with my anger."

Principal's Note: I have truly enjoyed  getting to know Harper this year. Keep an eye on him in the future for MCS basketball. I want to share one more story from Harper I enjoyed. Harper's dog currently ate his hand off and it has since reattached. I can't get over how quickly he healed.

Mr. G.