A visit from 21st CentEd

We would like to thank Daniel Bates and 21st CentEd for providing professional development around design thinking and for partnering with the district and assisting me with the 2024 STEAM (Science, technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Showcase. With an emphasis on the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity), 21stCentEd makes STEM learning accessible to all students with self-paced courses that allows them to explore and learn online in concert with hands-on activities in class. We have partnered with our own art teachers to add the arts to our Showcase–adding “arts” to  STEM making it STEAM. Additionally, Home and Careers will also join in on the Showcase. 

There has been tremendous growth in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs and occupations in New York state over the past several years. Currently, there are over 240 STEM jobs and occupations and more are being added every year! Despite this, tens of thousands of jobs remain unfilled due to the lack of workers with the skills needed to fill these positions. This just represents New York State. The shortage of individuals who are able to fill STEM jobs is a national and global concern. 

It has been a great experience nailing down on the K-5 curriculum and organizing the STEAM showcase with Daniel. STEAM is integral to developing interest in potential career paths for our students. I will continue to work hard to create opportunities for them. I would like to thank the district, BOE, Teachers, Administration, and the two most supportive staff members of all–Mr. Giardino, and Mrs. Osterhoudt. As an alumni from Margaretville Central School, it is a pleasure to see the district devoted to OUR amazing students. The future is bright for the Margaretville Blue Devils!

Stay tuned for more information on our STEAM Showcase coming this winter!

Ivan Herrera / STEM Coordinator