This week we meet Yamilet Perez. Yamilet is an 11th grader who attends MCS. She is a talented student who is going to help us break ground on a unique opportunity at Bassett Health. She is our first intern for a translations position at Bassett. She will help health care professionals by providing translation services during cancer screenings for Spanish speaking patients.

Yamilet's family is originally from Puebla, a small town located in Central Mexico. She is a Catskill native who loves the Catskills and MCS! Her family also attended MCS and she is the youngest of 3. Yamilet is an avid reader and baker. 

Yamilet is part of the change that we want to for all students. She is working towards her Seal of Bi-Literacy for graduation. Internships like this can lead to work force and learning opportunities for our students after they graduate from MCS. This is a new opportunity not only for Yamilet, but also for future MCS students. 

I would like to thank our Spanish Teacher, Caitlin Sanford, for working in partnership with Administration to make this happen. We are very excited to work in partnership with Bassett to help our students have future success