Scitamard Society Seussical Elementary Chorus Flyer

For the first time since a years-ago production of The Wizard of Oz, the MCS Scitamard Society will feature the Elementary Chorus in the Spring Musical production. In this year's Seussical, the 4th and 5th grade choristers will portray the part of the "Whos" of Whoville, who live on a tiny dust-speck that only Horton the Elephant can hear.

The final decision to involve the elementary performers came from the 6-12th grade students, who agreed it's a situation where everybody wins; the up-and-coming middle-schoolers get to experience what involvement in Scitamard is like ahead of the opportunity to join as a sixth-grade student, the repertoire is a fun challenge for them, and more involvement will yield even larger casts and audiences to support the growth of the program.

The elementary chorus singers are rising to the task; they are balancing practice time and talents for the repertoire from the show with preparation for their chosen selections for the upcoming vocal music concert on April 18th.  They're thrilled with being invited to perform with the older students and to be a part of the story, and are currently contributing lots of creative ideas in rehearsals. 

Thank you, Scitamard members, for creating this opportunity for our youngest performers. 

As Horton would say, "A person's a person, no matter how small."